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Marking TSR 22B Non-Stop Marking TSR 22A Stop-Permitted

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Bexleyheath Ladies and Girls National Round 5    24.7.16 results here





watch out if you do not wish to upgrade to windows 10.

last night 7.7.16 I accepted 4 updates on windows update routine; two were required and two were optional.

looking at them they were important for windows 7 stability and did not appear to present any issue and were

accepted (I do not allow auto updates) before the usual restart to to allow the installation a very prominent Microsoft notice

stated that I only had until end July to get the free W10 upgrade and this would be the final time I would be reminded; EVER

As usual I declined it and it partially started the the closedown and stopped with a prominent OK button sitting over to the right

side of the screen and there it stayed, so I manually did the restart except that nothing happened and I had to click the button

to get it to restart, checked that what I had accepted had not brought GWX.exe back into my task manager, which it had not,

so closed the lid and put it away.


Opening the laptop to use today 8.7.16 I found that GWX.exe was back and checking again installed updates I

 found the deadly KB3035583 was back in my laptop despite removing it back in June.


W7 OR 8 CHECK REGULARLY THAT GWX.exe and KB3035583 are not anywhere on your computer







Owls Whitley Mill Trial 3.7.16 Programme and rider schedule here


Provisional results here contact the club if any questions




The Bexleyheath Club are running a round of the Ladies & Girls National series on 24th July 2016 at Burwash

As we know from past events sections need up to 3 observers for timing / marking / punching the card

The club need to know who they can call on to observe and they need to know the numbers well in advance.

either email or phone the club or use the online entry system if you have a trials card, all you do is follow the routine

as if you were entering normally but select the observe class, tick the boxes, go to payment and click free pay,

nothing is taken and the club will know of another observer they can count on





2006 Sherco Cabestany Replica

contact Steve Westley for more info 01959 575732


For Sale


Bromley Area


 Beta Trials pdf here (sorry need to rotate pic) contact Andy Bryden for more info 2700 ono 07956 445185





Clubs running SE Centre Championship trials please note that for 2016 Steve Moore is competing in the OV50 class for points and awards






Any rider who is a club member in 2016 and is renewing with the same club for 2017 does not need a unique number to renew online.

Once renewed you can go onto the trials registration card renewal for 2017

 Any problem just ask your club secretary.





South East Trials ACU AGM 2015


SE Trials 2016 dates schedule version 5  here, as at 18.4.2016


2016 matrix of rounds to count v1 here as at 31.12.2015


Minutes of 2015 AGM  here          Minutes of 2015 ordinary Meeting here


due to the loss of a SE Centre event Tenterden due to the flooding the matrix of rounds to count will be adjusted







To enter events online click on to see what are available



Online Entry available at  click on view all events and scroll down to find the trial



It is the responsibility of the rider to ensure a machine and equipment used in competition is mechanically and structurally

in a safe condition and fit for the intended purpose. When due to the nature of the competition the machine is

ridden on and off the Public Highway, it is also the responsibility of the rider to ensure compliance with

all Road Traffic Act(s) requirements.

The ACU have recently announced for 2016 an excellent enhancement to their insurance cover for Long Distance Trials.

All riders who compete in the LDT series will automatically be covered for no extra cost to follow the set course on and off the public highway providing their bike is compliant with all Road Traffic Act(s) requirements. Any queries about this contact the event Secretary.



Jon Davis is continuing the supply of punch cards and trials stuff


He is the contact for all future orders and enquiries on 07831 417835 or by email to 


Have a look at the current price list here giving details of current stock items that are available for immediate order and dispatch.


We are also looking at adding extra items such as section route markers, once we have the details we will send you an updated price list.


In the meantime if there is anything specific that you are looking for then please feel free to ask for a quotation as we are always looking to expand our range to suit all aspects of Trials and Enduro.


Many thanks,  Jon Davis



 Youth A & B are now able to ride Twinshock bikes with drum brakes with engines up to 250cc in normal trials.


Practice Trials at Hook Wood on 4th Saturday each month and are open to all local clubs for their members to develop riding skills and have fun without the pressure of results. More Info Here




Anti Tampering Legislation for Motorcycles

The EU has started the ball rolling by adopting a regulation (on 11.12.2012) which is the first hurdle on 'laws' that have not even been written, concerning Anti Tampering of New Motorcycles over 125cc. It does not appear to make any distinction on whether it is a motorcycle registered for road use or a motorcycle used only off-road but stipulates for example that they will all have an anti-lock braking system, lights automatically turning on, emissions under Euro 4 with onboard diagnostics to ensure they comply, and other items. The dates that all these areas come to be enforced vary and they still have to start writing the rules that these Ministers have voted for without even knowing what they will be. If ever there is a need for creating a bonkers parliament for winding up their constituents then look no further than the civil servants in the EU. How any current 2 or 4 stroke trials bike over 125cc will pass Euro 4 or 5 or 6 or whatever is in force when they finally pass the unwritten rules is anyone's guess. However, it may just be the time to develop an affordable modern electric trials bike  before this all comes in. Although it made no difference to the vote at least the UK and Bulgarian representatives made it clear that these 'laws' were passed without providing any evidence to support the proportionate benefits and that they have flouted their own best practice principals to get this through. Hopefully our Government at the time, whatever political persuasion it may be will refuse to consider any legislation to be enacted on its citizens which had been formulated and passed without any evidence for it being clearly presented to show any benefit. The next stage will be bikes under 125 and then who knows it could go back to an arbitrary date in time.

The two documents are here requirements and here statement.